Lighthorse Records

One remarkable note of Lighthorse Ultra, is witnessing so many runners collectively pushing each other to accomplish remarkable feats. And over the years, the community of runners has grown together and Lighthorse has now become the BIGGEST 24 hour field year on year in Australia. And equally as impressive, is some of the individual achievements runners have notched up, given the changing terrain, small elevation changes each loop and the inconsistencies under foot.

Here is a list of the current records held at Lighthorse Ultra.

Largest 24 hour field in Australia:

81 runners completing minimum of 45k- Lighthorse Ultra 2023.

6 hour record:

Men: Michael Hooker 84.52k Р2021

Women: Amy Glenm 64.46k – 2019

24 hour record:

Men: Phil Gore 255.19k – 2021

Women: Sharene Blake 208.5k – 2020

3 hour record:

Men: Joshua Chugg 45.68k – 2021

Women: Ria Merito 37.41k – 2023

12 hour record:

Men: Jon Pendse 142.22k – 2019

Women: Margie Hadley 127.1k – 2018

1 hour record:

Men: Vlad Ixel 16.7k – 2020

Women: Elizabeth Gomez 11.8k – 2020